Sunday, 26 January 2014

My lovely Pile of Boys

 I made this layout using a piece of American Crafts White cardstock (i managed to buy a pack of 60 at TKMaxx the other week for only a tenner, so now have more than enough to last me ages!) and the extra branding stripes that you get on pieces of patterned paper (Seen & Noted by Pebbles). They were much too pretty not to be used. I cut them up in the middle where the photo would cover them else they weren't long enough to fit diagonally. Then i double matted the photo to make it stand out, added some wooden pieces (i love using these three different sized male piece to represent my three boys - though i am not sure what i will do with all the left over female pieces!) The title was take from a friends comment on facebook when i posted this photo over there when i had just taken it over the summer holidays, she commented what a lovely pile of boys i have, and i sure do!

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