Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Mr Cool Dude

I scraplifted this page from the latest issue of Scrap365 mag. My friend Emy, made the page and her article was all about making your own washi tape. Now you can probably see that i didnt attempt to make my own washi tape (but thats a cool idea!) as i have recently purchased a few (**ok a lot**) of the washi tapes so wanted to use these instead. I loved how she used them to create a banner of little flags across the page as well as for most of the background design too.

I love the bright colours of the page, and also how my stamping turned out....the images were mostly nice and sharp and not blurred around the edges (i read it was doing this as i was over inking the stamps!).

The photo is an older one, take in April 2010 of my eldest son wearing his first pair or sunglasses and a matching sun hat. Goodness knows why he was pulling such a funny face, but he certainly thought he was a very cool little boy wearing them!


Ali said...

This is lovely, great colours and the sunshine is wonderful.

fatmonica said...

I love this!That photo is a classic!Love the stamping and the flags.