Monday, 21 November 2011

Meeting Peppa Pig

This LO was originally intended to follow Shimelle's latest sketch. But after i had selected the bordered paper i just thought it worked so well as it was i didnt want to cut it up and rearrange it. The colour scheme or pink and blue seemed to fit really well, and having a theme of 'pigs' was a great reason to get to use pink on a LO.....a very rare thing for me to do having two little boys!
I also got to use some of the flowers, sent to me by Cath as part of our UKS team flower swap...they are amazing! In fact i almost feel like i cant take credit for this LO as the flowers are so central to the page working. I also used some prima fabric paper for the very first probably cant see it from the photo, but i had great fun fraying the edges of it. And i also used some Tim Holtz friend Yolanda had sent me a few, and i loved them so much when i came across them at the local garden centre craft section i decided i needed more!!

The photos are of my youngest son when we visited Peppa Pig World on holiday in the summer.


Cath said...

Love the LO, Amy - the flowers really fit with your photos :) Love those tickets, too - I can see some shopping looming on the horizon ;)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous LO, my 2 year old would be very jealous if she saw those photos!