Sunday, 6 November 2011

Panda Party

Here's one of the 3 layouts i managed to make at my crop yesterday. I started with the idea that the LO would be mostly black and white with hints of the orangy red as that would match the theme of pandas and the photo well. I recently bought a pack of doilys that were reduced in the supermarket and as they were white i thought i could try one of those. With that in mind i then selected some papers. However i found that the papers were more off-white/cream than white so i inked the doily to try to match....but i am not sure if it now just looks like it has been dropped on the floor and got dirty!
Both my boys just love pandas, probably totally influenced by my love of pandas! They have several of them each, and one day during the holidays it was decided that we should hold a panda party for them! I love that the boys have the same coloured tops on too...must have known i would be taking photos that day! Also i love this photo as its so hard to get a decent photo of both my boys together and smiling and not messing around or climbing on each other!

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