Thursday, 22 October 2015

Hello, Beautiful Kit Unboxing

My very first kit from my new subscription at Like For Ever arrived today. Its the October Kit which is called 'Hello, Beautiful' and is based around the Maggie Holmes 'Shine' collection with  a few bits from other places too. Here is what came with the kit and  my initial thoughts about the items....

Two rolls of grey washi tape from Pebbles
Lucky for me, I don't have any grey washi tape amongst my two tubs full. One of these rolls is chevron patterned (love chevrons!) and the other is a small spot design. With 20 metres of tape in total, i have a feeling that this will last me way beyond this kit. I love that this is slightly narrower than many of the washi tapes i have, measuring about 1cm in width rather than 1.5cm. Washi is so versatile, with many uses that you cant really go wrong.

A Packet of 6 Amy Tangerine Vellum Pockets
I usually tend to avoid vellum, and pockets for that matter on my pages so this will be more of a challenge. I struggle in attaching vellum items to my pages, though love how it looks, and i don't like my pages to be interactive. But i think with the stitched detail, and pop of colour these will be great for layering up. I might even use a few of them in a row as more of a main focal point to one of the layouts. They are from the older 'Cut and Paste', but i do have some stickers, die-cuts and papers left over from this collection so I might throw some of them into the kit to see if I can get them used up, which would be a bonus.

Heidi Swapp 'Beautiful' wood veneer
Again this is an item that i would never usually buy, but for very different reasons that above. I simply wouldn't normally be able to justify spending X amount of pounds on just the one item that will be used on one page. But i love it! And it seems like an easy word that will match many of my photos. I am imagining it will form the title to a very special page, maybe even one that goes on display. I'm just unsure whether i want to leave it alone or maybe colour it gold somehow and jazz it up a bit.

Maggie Holmes 'Shine' Phrase Roller Stamp
This stamp has 12 lovely phrases on it, all of which I think I will find very usable. My favourite one at first glance is 'TREASURED MEMORIES', I mean that one of the reasons i scrapbook in the first place, everything i scrap is recording a memory that I treasure. I also think the 'Happy Little Moment', 'You Make me Happy' and 'HELLO, BEAUTIFUL' (from which this kit has been named after) will also become well used. In fact I've been thinking that i will challenge myself to using this stamp on every layout I create from this kit.

Maggie Holmes 'Shine' Gold Puffy Alphabets
When i first looked at this collection one of the items that really caught my eye were these alphabet stickers, so I was thrilled when i learnt they were being included in the kit! You get 167 stickers in total, a mix of capitals and lower case along with some punctuation and a few little hearts. If I'm totally honest, I had imagined that they would have been a slightly shinier brighter gold, they have more of a gilded appearance. But never the less, are going to be great for creating titles, they are the perfect size for me....large enough to stand out but small enough so that you can create longer words and short sentences. Ill try my very best to get as many titles out of this packet as I can....I usually run out of 'e's and 'l's i may need to be creative towards the end of the kit!

Maggie Holmes 'Shine' Sticker Sheet
These are so pretty!! There are a few i might struggle to use up...I always find the & signs difficult to work with, and I'm not sure about the wishbone shaped sticker. But most of them are going to be so great to use up. There is such a great combination of both larger words, smaller word funfetti, labels and images in lots of different colours and a lovely shiny gold. I imagine i will easily get these used up on my layouts. I think my favourite is the camera (find cameras so easy to use on any page as its always every page has a photo! and its not too feminine either..even though this one has flowers on it!)

12 Papers from the Maggie Holmes 'Shine' collection
To save me photographing the selected papers individually, take a look at LFE's homepage for a closer look. There is a lovely range of different patterns, from very subtle small blue hearts to a big brightly multi coloured triangular pattern. One of the pages contains cut aparts, as much as i love the B side to this sheet (black and white stripes - which I love to us as long 12" stripes at the bottom and top of pages) I think I might go ahead and cut this sheet up into the various cut apart blocks and use most of them that way, I've studied it and i don't think i can find a way to get a whole 12" strip as I love at least one of the cut aparts in each row (if I'm making sense). There is also a black and white framed paper (with a pink pattern on the back, so that's much better as I'm not a huge user of pink) which i think will be really fun to cut apart and use as a feature on a layout.

2 Sheets of Cardstock
To finish off the kit, you get a kraft 12x12 sheet of card and a lovely textured 'Baby Blue' bazzill sheet...i think this texture used to be called something like orange peel. Anyway I look forward to using it. I think i might use the kraft piece as a background and cut the blue one up as photo mounting and even die cut an alpha title out of it, but haven't given in too much thought.

You also get a pagemaps sketch sheets, which i usually print of myself to take to my crop so this saves me the hassle of doing that. They are always a great starting point for pages, which I think I'm going to need as I'm feeling quite daunted as to where to start! Oh, and don't forget the lollipop!

As a little welcome present (how kind is that!) I got a packet of Pretty Pink Posh sequins. Judging by the colours, I'm guessing they have been used in last months kit. They are a baby blue, a mid brown, a sort of pale pumpkin orange and a not-quite-purple but not-quite-pink colour. I love them, as i love sequins on layouts. I'm tempted to separate them out by colour as i think the blue ones will work well with this kit (along with pulling some out of my stash), and save the others for future kits they may match.

Next step is to put all this loveliness into my new artbin super satchel and then shop my stash to add bits and pieces to the kit, i think think ill need at least one more alpha and some of my die-cuts and some more gold stuff as well as my Heidi Swapp gold shine mist. I will share what i add from my stash in the next post and then i will get creating!!

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