Saturday, 16 June 2012

Lunchtime Robin

Here is the reverse side of the page in my previous blog post...where you can read all about Shimelles idea on using transparencies.

I used a photo that was taken on the same day as the photo on the front side of the page (a trip to the zoo), but they are of seperate events that happened. So i think that works well. The supplies i used are more or less the same as the front side.

I am really inspired to work with transparencies again (although i dont own anymore)....i am wondering what a page might look like if it had a paper border all the way around it with a central panel of transparency. Or the idea of little windows of transparencies. Or using them with divided page protectors. Or printing my own transparencies by using my overheard projector sheets (that i still have from a presentation i made for some university coursework...which shows how far technology has moved on in 10 years or so....i did a Computer Science course yet gave a presentation using OHPs!...anyway i digress...) point being that i think i will be using them again in the future in some form or another, and i may find one or two falling into my shopping basket next time i stash shopping!

I bet this LO is going to look really fun in my album!

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