Friday, 18 May 2012

Knightwood Oak

This LO was based on the youtube process video here. I chose the colour scheme purely on the basis that i wanted to use my new washi tape - which is a light and dark blue and green zigzag pattern. I thought the photo was a good fit for these colours (green trees and a light and dark blue coat). I also used my new butterly punch - expect both these to occur regularly in my future layouts! I used some very old papers (one had a 2003 date on the other 2006!) and cut out some EchoPark This&That elements to embellish the page.

I learnt two important things whilst making this page - firstly i LOVE washi tape, i only own two so i think i may need to acquire some more in the near future! And secondly.....when selected a cardstock base and you notice that the texture isnt familiar to you.....make sure you measure it to check its 12x12 before you start the LO. I was so disappointed when i went to insert the page into my album, only to find it was 1cm or so too big....the card must have been packaging rather than a 12x12 cardstock. And isnt it typical that this was one LO where i had stuff right up to the edge and i didnt have any choice but to trim off the sides and lose some of the washi tape.

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