Sunday, 3 July 2016

Fotos at Rutbeek

I used my new Like Forever kit for this layout, and chose a pagemaps sketch of inspiration. I always find it hard to get started on a new kit. You have to be brave to cut into those gorgeous papers, and i worry that I may use something only to see someone else having used in a much better way and I wish I could scraplift it. It's stupid that this makes me stressed when in general I love scrapbooking as it provides a way to relax and switch off...a chance to reflect on the memories of the photo and how lucky I am....and a chance to play with glue, scissors and pretty things, something ice enjoyed since i can remember. Isn't scrapbooking just a great hobby that allows you to do all those things as an adult. I'm so happy I stumbled upon scrapbooking and gave it a go. I love how my scrapbooking has developed as the years past, trying new things...some that stay with me for a long while and others that pass quickly or don't work out as planned. Some women like to spend money in designer shoes or new clothea each season....for me it's patterned paper and embellishments...give me pretty things to create even more pretty things and I'm happy.

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