Sunday, 13 October 2013

Cross Stitch

I have been working on this cross stitch for about a year now, ever since my 12 week pregnancy scan. Jonah is now fast approaching 6 months and its still no where near finished. I havd set myself the target to havd it finished by his 1st birthday, so I though in order to motivate myself a little more I will post weekly updates to show my progress. I am very nearly finished the cross stitching for 1/4 of the picture,  but there is also a great deal of back stitch to do too.

I chose this picture, of a beach hut, as firstly I didnt know at the time of purchase if my baby would be a boy or girl (though I suspected it would be a boy!), and secondly I wanted to chose ond from this 'cut through' range by Bothy Threads, as my older boys have one each from this range, stitched by my Grandma, who passed away 2 years ago. Although I also made my boys their own cross stitch pictures, I thought it was extra nice to make Jonahs from this range.

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