Thursday, 16 August 2012

Determined to stand

I scraplifted this layout from one on the American Crafts website. I loved the soft colours that had been used, and the texture all the ribbons brought to it. I also really liked the neutral chevrons (i didnt have a piece the right size, so i had to piece it together from two smaller cant even see the join!). I have bags and bags of ribbons so thought this was a great way to use a little of it up. I think ideally i could have done with a tiny attatched as the staples were a little on the large size. At first i didnt like the way some of the ribbons bunched up when stapled, but now they are on the page it works fine i think.

The photos are of my eldest son just after he turned one, and he was determined to try and stand up by himself.


vixen said...

Lovely layout and the photos of your eldest are adorable :) x

Emilie said...

Fantastic layout! I love the bunting!

fatmonica said...

I love the ribbon bunting,it looks fab.Great photo too!