Monday, 8 August 2011


My blog lives again!! It may have been 2 years since my last post....but i have decided that i want to get back into blogging and havea crafty couldnt see a reason to not just resurrect my old one rather than recreate a new one. I am currently going through a phase of trying to use up all my old stash and my know the stuff that has sat in the cupboard for year after year, but really cant bare to get rid of as its still pretty or just might find a home on a LO that would be perfect. I thought i would share with you a LO i made a few months ago at my local crop as part of a challenge...
...of course my blog is still very much a 'work in progess' (as is our house...but thats a whole other story!) and i hope to improve on both the contents and the design in the coming weeks.

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Alana said...

Looking forward to see your new style bloh grow. Love he yellow and blue together and fantastic photo.